Who We Are

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What Types of People are Involved?


As you may have already read in Phil’s little bit of history, today we are a section of the Vintage Motorcycle Club.

Unlike other forms of sport, sprinters can not easily be defined as one particular type. So who are we...? well, in basic terms, we are an eclectic mix of motorcycle enthusiasts who range from former Moto-X, Road Racers, born again bikers and Engineers all who have all been bitten by the thrill of sprinting.

Like those before us, we share an enjoyment of the anticipation and adrenalin rush that is obtained while waiting for the lights then pitting our wits against the tarmac to go as quickly as can be done. All of which, given weather, technical and brain to throttle co-ordination problems, can be much harder to get the ‘perfect run’ than it may seem to the casual observer. 

We also have many valuable experts who, whilst keen competitors on the ¼ mile, are willing to share expertise and experience that ranges from scaling main jets to run on Methanol, right through to how much more re-boring can be done before the fins drop off!

The full sight and sound experience is part of the spectacle of our meetings

We still regularly welcome  older machines from the 1920s and 30s, which look like, and indeed sometimes are,  pieces that wouldn’t  be out of place in a museum. Many of the machines are former grass track, road race or hybrid one off bits of machinery that were designed for specialist forms of competition.

Whatever you bring along, we say, what better way of exhibiting the engineering skills and designs than using them for their original intended purpose with the full sight and sound experience which is part of the spectacle at one of our meetings.

So what is the VMCC Sprint Section?

Thought you’d get to that!

Well there’s the committee:  we’re just a bunch of VMCC members who get off our backsides to organise, run and ride at VMCC Sprint Section competitions.  We’re all (unpaid) enthusiasts who do it for the love of the sport and we welcome fellow enthusiasts who feel like blasting their machine down a runway or the like!

Then there’s the section membership of friendly souls who enjoy thrashing bikes and having a natter.  These fellows in general will offer advice and help to newcomers and old hands, it’s ‘grass-roots’ motor sport, with it’s fair share of eccentrics too!!!

The VMCC is a long established club for those with an interest in the ‘older’ motorcycle and includes sporting and social events, road runs, films, archive material etc, with sections spread throughout the UK. Our members also ride at Sprints organised by other bodies such as the NSA or Hillclimbs organised by other sections within the VMCC.

Members from these associations and clubs also ride at our events.

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